3 Stocks To Invest In During Rona

If you've been a believer in the 401k or stocks and mutual funds systems, you probably are shittin bricks right now. Rona coupled with other factors have the economy headed in a downwards tailspin as of now, but don't trip. It's all good. Many of us saw at least 15-20% hits in reliable profits and if we are talking stocks, some might have been ready to liquidate portfolios. The stock market is one of the most reliable investments one could invest in long term. The only thing greater would be real estate. I personally predict a huge surge overall regarding stocks. No matter how bad it gets, hold on to your portfolios. Bully season will arrive and when it does its going to THRIVE. With that said, here are my three stocks I believe are worth looking into during this turmoil

1. Amazon. Ok so fellas remember that fine ass girl who had the looks, ass, and personality to keep you mesmerized but was way out of your league n was fuckin around with a douche bag? Well they just broke up n she out here sloppy drunk in these streets... Its Amazon. Amazon is that girl. As of me writing this Amazon is currently at $1689 which is outrageous and I'm sure by the time this site is up Amazon should be back in the $2000's. Translation? Lil mama ready. With the scare of going out looming over our heads, deliveries are going to be winning. Amazon already has a track record of growth too so it’s kind of like a no-brainer. Also, worth noting is Nike's stocks sky-rocketed because they supported Kaepernick during his kneel to the anthem ordeal. What that means is that any corporation that takes an ethical stance (Amazon has already started) will most surely reap benefits in their business. If you have stock in Amazon HOLD. If you can afford to purchase this goldmine at a discount BUY.

2 Johnson and Johnson. A lot more reasonable that Amazon in terms of price (unless you got it like that... n if you do then shit, Play on Playa) is Johnson n Johnson. Johnson n Johnson is like an Antonio Brown. So much drama going on with this company it doesn’t even make sense. They are currently battling several lawsuits and as a result they are sliding the wrong way. Couple that with the economy killer Covid-19 and what do we get? SALE!!! Everything for the low. If you do invest in Johnson n Johnson be prepared to see more losses for some time, however the goal of stocks is to win long term, and NJ got enough to cash out these suits and still profit. If you have stock in Johnson n Johnson HOLD If you can afford to purchase this proven asset that is down on its luck at a discount BUY. When bully season starts, you're welcome!

3 EPR Properties. Ok you're getting some free game. Now I know technically this whole article is free game, but this... this shit right here? This some A1 Pericú for the free though. If you are looking for a low risk way to get into stocks and get annual or semiannual dividends paid out, as well as owning equity in property, then an REIT stock is the absolute way to go. REITs short for real estate investment trust, are corporations that own and operate commercial and residential real estate. REITs must adhere to certain rules by the IRS, one being returning 90% of taxable income to its shareholders. By adhering to these rules, they dodge a corporate tax rate and purchase property a lot cheaper. Because of the Rona virus some sectors of Reits were hit hard, but the way that they are designed, very few if any will go bankrupt. EPR properties is probably the best kept secret. They lost 75% of their company’s stock due to being closed for Covid-19. Right now, you can buy shares for under $24 which is a steal. Most Reits were prepared to survive an economic crash, and EPR is no exception. They have a very solid balance sheet and they got cash in hand... how much? A lot! If you have stock in EPR, HOLD If you can afford to purchase this sleeper, for a lick, BUY!! It’s going to get a little uglier but long term if you grab as many of these as you can don't be surprised when it spikes past normalcy.

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