Buy and Hold Stock:

So here's the deal. Right now a lot of stocks are going to be plummeting due to Covid. Your Amazons and Shopifys are ahead of the curve due to the nature of the business and how its immunity to Covid, however there are some stocks that were solid buys a few months ago that are going to dip for a few quarters before resurging to prominence. One of these stocks is Vail Resorts(NYSE:MTN), an operator of 17 mountain ski resorts in North America and Australia. Vail was gaining momentum before covid rising as high as $251 per share late February. Today she sits at $166.11 and she will continue to drop. If you grab her now be prepared to see some more price drops until she weathers the storm. I recommend buying and holding for 5-7 years. 12-15 shares of this stock would be an ideal minimum, so grab some while she's low, and increase your shares whenever possible during the next two quarters.

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