July's Playmakers

So, as you know we are finding structure here with our financial blog here at Starrvin Artist, so to help set the stride, we are going to be posting Monthly, and weekly hitters as well as Market recaps for all our financial zeniths. To kick things off, we are going to start with my monthly plays for July. If you can grab a few shares of these stocks, you should hold on to them for long to guarantee profit. If you like to trade, then sell on the rise, buy back on the dip.

Amazon- I mean what's there to talk about here? It's worth $5,000 a share in a few years. It's valued at $3,000-$3,500 right now, and only costs $2,890 (before after market moves). Monday will be a great day to buy it because I see it dipping once it hits $29-$3,000, then I see it hitting that mark again and if you were to buy 2 shares for under $6,000 and hold on to it for 3 years, you've almost doubled your initial investment ($10,000 considering it wasn't an undervaluation. I personally believe Amazon is worth more.) (Suggestion buy and ,hold, trade it daily or Buy Monday sell Friday)

Lemonade- Ok, I didn't know too much about this one, but after Thursday 7/20/2020, I'm a fan. Lemonade is an insurance company for homeowners and renters. It's catered towards the 28-45 age group range. From a financial standpoint they’re on their shit, raising over $480 million (guwap) through a few funding campaigns and were valued (pre money) at 1.7 billion (GUWAP). After Thursday, she was valued at $3.81billion (BIG GUWAP). This is a stock I'd keep my eye on. I'd grab it and hold it but if you didn't capitalize on the surge, I'd chill a bit. People are going to be eager to cash on their winnings (those who bought in the 30's 40's 50's even 60's) at the slightest instance of a for sure dip, and with the rate that it increased, it might decrease to the 40's or 50's rather quick. It might also keep rising. It’s already a playmaker though just for its first day in the market. Let’s see how she does this week. (Suggestion Watch)

Tesla- The market right now is in a pretty interesting situation in where despite an economic crisis bases on the management of certain organizations, you can pretty much put your money on them... Regardless. Tesla is this stock. Think about it, who really is fuckin wit Tesla in the automotive sector? In my eyes every major company (and NVidia), but that's not the point. The point is that Tesla has created an image in the automotive/tech industry to the point where they are shattering their valuation and (once again in my eyes) investors are overvaluing Tesla. But, one thing I've learned in life if a crowd is running fast in the opposite direction... check it out a little bit, you might benefit. Translation, If Tesla keeps Skyrocketing up, we might as well make money on the rise. Just be careful because it will dip. Tesla is only valued at $1,208 (most say it should be at a band... STILL think is too much) so if you do grab on to this playmaker be prepared to dump it. (Suggestion Buy Monday watch for dip, Sell Daily or Friday)

Apple- Pretty simple here. Apple is a stock you own. Kind of like Amazon. You buy it on the dip. Right now, though Apple is getting ready to increase in market value after the announce of the new iPhone. I think this week Apple rises. (Suggestion, Buy and Hold, Buy Monday Sell Friday)

DocuSign- So if you see the trend here, we only choose companies with majority of the market share. Same strategy as we pick DocuSign as our final playmaker. Considering we are still in a pandemic where outside is technically our enemy, services like DocuSign are great bets. Even when the pandemic is over, the benefits from working from home will translate to more remote jobs; an area where DocuSign and its competitors will shine. Only one thing DocuSign has no competition. (Suggestion Buy and Hold long term, Buy Monday Sell Friday)

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