Just DO it!

So continuing the trend of stocks to purchase during this Corona Virus, we are going to focus on Nike. Below are three Nike Stock Charts according to Yahoo Finance. Only focus on the actual chart. The first one Is a snapshot of Nike on 2/2/2020. To the left below indicators, we see NKE $102.53. This is the numerical value of the vertical dotted line below YTD.This all means that on 2/20/2020 Nike's Value was valued at $102.53 a share upon the market's closing.

The second Chart is a snapshot of Nike a month later on 3/23/2020 during the wake of the Covid pandemic. Here the stock drops to $62.8 a $39.73 drop per share. Plain and simple. Blame Covid.

Our final snap shot is that of Nike as of 12:07 pm PST 05/01/2020. It is currently fluctuating in the $85. 40's to 50's (as one can see from all three snaps top left hand corner).In a little over 30 days Nike has climbed over 27% but is still not where it was late February. Knowing what we know of Covid, and seeing the historical trend of Nike, we can only assume nike will eventually rise to the levels of pre-covid days. Given her value now, buying a good 10-15 shares of Nike's stocks right now and then holding it for 3-5 years is a good idea. JUST DO ITI

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